Brand Spotlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of my favorite brands in the beauty industry. This California brand is most known for their eyebrow products but has a full makeup line possessing eye shadows, lipsticks, foundation, highlighter and concealer. The brand is increasing in popularity through the use of social media, bloggers, and other beauty influencers. The high quality, competitive pricing and adaption to current trends makes Anastasia Beverly Hills a complete company.

I have items from every category of the brand and will be providing my opinion of a product from a few of the categories.  



The Brow Definer is their most recent brow product from the brand. The Brow Definer is angled and thicker than their Brow Wiz that makes it perfect to define and to fill in the brow. On one end of the product is a spooley brush, to brush the brow, while the other end is the pencil to fill.

I prefer this over other brow products because of its pigmentation, easy use and very its travel-friendly. Also, the brow definer comes in every possible hair shade so, you’re sure to find your match.


Liquid Lipsticks


The market for liquid lipsticks is extensive with almost every company having one. The Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick is still one of my favorites due to the color selection and the lipsticks are very long-wearing. The lipsticks are completely matte and pigmented.

My go-to combination is Ashton and Stripped for a perfect nude lip for any completion. I place Ashton over my entire lip then use Stripped to highlight in the center.

Also, ABH has amazing lip glosses if lipsticks aren’t your favorite.


Foundation Sticks


The brand focused on providing a foundation to match the color and undertones of individuals from every completion. Therefore, there are 30 shades apart of the collection. The foundation sticks are full coverage and easy to blend. The stick can even be used to highlight and contour.

A major bonus of this foundation is it is only $25. This price is super reasonable for a foundation stick especially one with high quality.

Here is a link to the Anastasia Beverly Hills website ( for you to browse the products. Post any questions and comments below or tweet me.




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