My Hair Stylist Q&A: Natasha Mora

part0A hair stylist is a girl’s best friend. Someone to share memories, laugh, catch up on the latest celebrity gossip, and did I mention can transform you into the best outward version of yourself. My hair stylist, Natasha Mora, is all of those things and more. Mora has a warm and energetic personality that is projected throughout the room.

Natasha Mora is a Connecticut native with Puerto Rican flair and extraordinary business skills. Mora balances parenting with pursuing her dreams. However, if you are in the Central Florida area she is a must for color or a Dominican-style blowout.

On a Saturday afternoon, I needed something to breathe life and confidence back after a stressful week at school and feeling under the weather. Girl chat and a hair makeover are just what I needed. Natasha Mora welcomed me into her home in Florida to answer questions about her passion for hair and hair advice.


Question: What made you fall in love with hair?

 Answer: “I was always attracted to hair. Even when I was younger, I would style my dolls hair and stand behind my mom and play with her hair. I was born with it. It was just there.”


Question: What is your inspiration when doing a client’s hair?

 Answer: “It depends on the person. Usually, someone already has a vision for their hair and I give my professional recommendation of telling them if it’s achievable or not. However, I use their vision which 9 times out of 10 it’s a celebrity.”


Question: What is your hair advice for achieving the perfect look? 

Answer: “Products are the most important. Depending on the products used to maintain one’s hair the product can help or stop hair achievement.”


Question: If you could only have one hair brand or item what would it be? 

 Answer: “TRESemmé for over the counter but for professional products, GK Hair is safe for all hair. GK Hair is convenient for me to use. Plus, all of my clients like it.”


Question: What is your favorite product to use to keep color treated hair vibrant? 

Answer: “Based on individual and color of the hair. For blonde, it’s removing unwanted colors. For someone who has red hair, I would recommend red shampoo. Red fades very quickly and the shampoo puts red back into the hair.”


Question: What is one everyday product that can slowly damage one’s hair?

Answer: “Believe it or not there are some popular hair brands that are bad for the hair. For hair tools, it’s the flat iron unless you’re protecting your hair. If you’re using a flat iron your most likely damaging your hair. Although, the flat iron is my best friend. I can do everything with the flat iron. In my opinion, it’s the best invention ever made.”


The links to some of Natasha’s professional sites are below. Feel free to ask Natasha Mora or me any questions in the comments. Thanks for reading!







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