Brand Spotlight Review: Florida Soap Company

I am always in the search for a new body care item, and since I have very sensitive skin I am extremely concise of the items I purchase. I love anything all natural, handmade and of course with an amazing smell.

I was on my way to Sephora, but another shop, the Florida Soap Company, caught my eye and nose.

The Florida Soap Company has every bath item you can think of from soap bars and bath bombs to bath salts and face care items.

I purchased the Orange &Lemongrass soap bar and its one of the best I have tried. The soap is a handcrafted olive oil soap and freshly cut at 5 oz. According to the company, it is “created with the best ingredients to keep you hydrated and vitamins to feed your skin, instead of harsh drying chemicals.”

The smell is very soothing, fresh and left my skin feeling moisturized. Also, the bar is only $8.

Also, I purchased a sugar scrub in the scent of Tobacco Flower. I was first hesitant about trying it due to the name, but one of the employees reassured me it was their favorite. Once I smelled it, I needed to buy it!


First off, I love the pink detailed label packaging and the honey color of the scrub.  The Tobacco Flower sugar scrub smells amazing and is the ideal scent for a spa day at home because it is relaxing and sweet.


The sugar scrub is $16 and is available in other scents to match your preference.

I definitely recommend trying one of the products by the Florida Soap Company. You can purchase items online or if you are in Florida at their locations in Orlando and Altamonte Springs.


I appreciate you reading and a link to the Florida Soap Company is linked below. If you have a question about any of the products, please leave a comment below or tweet me! 



Website Link:


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