Photoshoot: Ponce Inlet Adventure

I was in the search of a photographer to take some photographs of me for my blog and personal. A friend recommended Joshua Cox to me, and I am so happy she did. In my opinion, Joshua Cox has an eye for photography and was always in search of the million-dollar shot. I believe we have a few of those.

These photos were taken this past weekend at Ponce Inlet, Florida. Ponce Inlet is one of my favorite places in Florida for a beach scene because it’s private and a mixture of water, rocks and plants to have a well-rounded look with opportunities for complex shots.

My hair was done by Natasha Mora including the color. I have a previous post of a Q&A that I will link below. Of course, my makeup was done by me.

Browse through the photos below. I am in love with every one of them and they exceeded my expectations.

Thanks so much for reading. I know the Sephora VIB sale is going on, so this is the perfect time to buy that lipstick, highlighter or another item you have been debating or wanted to try. If you have any questions or comments about this post or need item suggestions then please leave them below.


You can find Joshua Cox on Twitter and Instagram @_joshuacox 

Natasha Mora Interview


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