22: M.E. Beauty Landmark

This blog post marks my 22nd entry of writing beauty related content on all things makeup, hair, skin, and nails. The number 22 means a lot to me, because not only is it my favorite number, but also the day I was born. So naturally, I wanted to create a landmark post that encompasses the past few months and my favorite entries on M.E. Beauty.

I always wanted a beauty/makeup blog, however, I thought I didn’t have the time to write content for a blog and complete college assignments. Until both met as I took multimedia writing at my university where one of the assignments was to create a WordPress blog of our choice. The class and this blog have been a blessing. Now, I’m given the opportunity to write about one of my hobbies and pick up my camera.

The class only required 7 posts, but I continued after the mark and now at 22. The goal of M.E. Beauty was to curate a blog that takes a glamourous look into all things beauty.

Here’s to 222 more posts (at least) about beauty, as you all take a trip through upcoming trends, glamor, life, and my opinions. I appreciate you all for reading my blog and supporting it throughout the months. I hope you all continue to follow as I strive to create better content and visuals. If you have suggestions on future posts or new beauty items to try, then please leave a comment below.


My Favorite Posts:

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