June Favorites: The Month’s Best

Kick back, relax and increase your beauty stash because Summer is here! July is here which means hello sunshine and of course the beach. The end of June meant the start of summer courses back at the university. However, it provided me the chance to find some beauty favorites. June was all about relaxation and minimal makeup except for those occasional glam days when I needed to do a full face. Below are the best products of the month that I used to savor the last few weeks before back to business as usual.


OPI Strawberry Margarita


In the summer, I usually chose a darker pink to change it up from the nude pinks for the other times of the year. I personally believe a darker polish can look more manicured and polished. Plus, it contrasts beautifully with the beach sand. This month’s polish color was Strawberry Margarita. Even the name fits perfect for the time of year. This polish color is one of my favorites from the OPI brand and is the ultimate red-pink.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brown Definer


A defined brow is essential for a minimal makeup look. I have recently changed to the shade Soft Brown in the Anastasia Brow Definer from the Caramel one because I wanted something browner. This may be because my balayage color is growing out or I wanted something different, either way, I’m hooked. After I filled them in I cleaned them up with some concealer and set with brow gel. I recommend always using concealer for a precise look for the brows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Girly


This lip gloss is from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer 2017 collection. I have used Girly ever since to top with a faded liquid lipstick, with a lip liner, and even on its own. This is the ultimate gloss for the summer for its coral sparkle and pink gloss combination. It’s a must buy because it’s so versatile and we can never have too many lip products.


Thanks for reading my blog post and the links to both brands website’s are below. If you have any comments or suggestions then please leave them below!









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